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You want to be well. Sure, we all do. But what do you need to thrive?

You need a team of experts who can focus on every aspect of your wellbeing, all in one place. That’s what Wellevations is here for. Physical, mental, relational, spiritual, financial, occupational. You name it, we can help.

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Question: Especially if you’re new to the concept of coaching, you may be wondering: What’s different about coaching vs mentoring? Most people are familiar with mentoring and may have even experienced it first-hand, either as a mentor or a mentee. But what about coaching? How is...


I often get surprised looks and quizzical brows when I mention that I am a Spiritual Director. It sounds a little odd to most and a little like I have some type of authoritative relationship with those I am “directing”. However, a spiritual director’s primary tasks in a session...

medical bills

While living in a foreign country I was always mindful about the rate of exchange between US dollars and the pound. I was always tabulating in my mind, how much does this really cost me? It had to be intentional and thoughtful.

After my wife survived three years of cancer treatment,...


Loneliness and being alone are not synonymous.

Loneliness is an internal condition; not dependent on external circumstances.

We can be married, in a large family, or in the midst of a crowd and feel the ache of emptiness - of not being fully understood, or known, or loved. And, yet,...

happiness index

I have a new hero. And I admit to being taken somewhat by surprise by our chance meeting.

But first I must admit that I didn’t even know his name. The current Surgeon General of the United States, that is. Shame on me, I know. I guess my attention had been elsewhere that he hadn’t crossed...

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People periodically ask me about ways they can boost their intellectual wellbeing. The thing I tell them is: “DO SOMETHING LITTLE!” Most people think that they need to take a class, learn a new language, or spend hours doing something huge and heavy in order to sharpen...


Time management seems to be a universal challenge. Most everyone struggles with it to some degree. Even if you consider yourself a pretty structured and organized person, there’s probably some aspect of time management you’d like to improve.



Perfectionism is often treated as a virtue—especially in the workplace—but research shows that the self-imposed pressure perform flawlessly just leads to eventual burnout. Perfection simply isn’t how you should measure success.

Thomas Curran, Assistant Professor, University of Bath and...


Domestic bullying can occur between any members of a family system: spouse-spouse, parent-child, child-parent, child-child. Although the participants in a domestic bully relationship may vary the fundamentals are the same: one person in the family is using intimidation, authority, power, threat,...


Christians aren’t supposed to be anxious. I know this. I know the verses. I can recite them from memory in 1.2 seconds. The problem is quoting verses about NOT being anxious didn’t do a thing for me.

I’ve been a Christian since I was 10 and for the better part of a half century,...


As much as we’d all like to communicate more clearly, it turns out we aren’t very good at saying “yes” and “no.” We agree to things we don’t fully support. We accept tasks and deadlines we know we can’t complete in time. We take on more than we can handle. On the flip side, we...

fun house mirrors

This summer I took my grandson to one of the theme parks. You know the ones, where you wait in line way too much, ride way too many rides, eat too much junky food, and call it good memories. It ended up being an ‘aha’ moment for me. We walked out of a ride and when I turned a corner there was...

money matters

Retirement plan sponsors are beginning to understand why helping employees get ready for retirement is so important.

In the past, employers weren’t really concerned with employees’ financial well-being. They didn’t think it was their job. Fast forward to today and 39% of employers that...

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