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sign up for a subscription or package

Because our research and experience about wellbeing tells us that the best way to thrive is through the help of a coach and team of advisors, but driving all over town and paying different fees causes frustration, we've made it easy to sign up for Wellevations.

initial assessment and coaching

Initially, we want to know more about you and see where you may want some help.

  • Initial Assessment and Follow-up Appointment with a Wellevations Coach - Only $50

coaching only solutions

We know that entering completely into holistic wellbeing may be a big leap, so if you'd like to get started with one of our coaches, try one of the following options.

  • 1 coaching only session - $75
  • Package of 5 sessions to be used within 6 months - $369
  • Package of 10 sessions to be used within 12 months - $699

monthly subscriptions

After your initial assessment, you may be introduced to a team of practitioners who will collaborate to help you thrive. Your coach will coordinate and check in on you from time to time. The subscription is month to month, cancel anytime.

  • Three sessions per month (two practitioner appointments and one coaching session) - $344 per month
  • Five sessions per month (four practitioner appointments and one coaching session) - $524 per month


If you're not certain about having an every, or every other, week appointment, want to space out your appointments, or want to purchase the gift of thriving for someone else.

  • Ten sessions to be used within 6 months - $1199
  • Twenty sessions to be used within 12 months - $2199

corporations, organizations and teams

Wellevations not only provides individual services, but performs assessments and delivers services to leadership teams, employees, and constituent groups. Pricing is based on the program designed to fit the exact needs of the group. For example, after the initial assessment, an organization may want weekly newsletters directed at their specific needs, monthly phone calls for their employees with practitioners, a quarterly seminar about the most needed topics, and a yearly retreat for anyone in crisis.

individual sessions

Some of our practitioners are available for individual sessions outside of the subscriptions and packages. They are priced at $125 per session. When you meet, they will better explain the Wellevations model of wellbeing and refer you to our assessment or one of the more cost effective options above.

Other services that we offer are priced independently. A full list of our offerings are listed on our services page.

If you're not sure about signing up, or want to be certain you're doing the right thing, contact us and ask us anything you want... we'll email or call you back.