Why Meet With a Spiritual Director?

I often get surprised looks and quizzical brows when I mention that I am a Spiritual Director. It sounds a little odd to most and a little like I have some type of authoritative relationship with those I am “directing”. However, a spiritual director’s primary tasks in a session are to listen well and ask good questions with the goal of helping one to find God’s activity in their own life. It is a time set aside for the directee to really listen to their own life… I am just a facilitator.

Spiritual direction should help us pay attention to aspects of our life that may be buried. Buried by what, you may ask? Well some examples might be:

  • The busy-ness of of life
  • Beliefs (about oneself, life, the universe, or God) that are not completely true
  • Developing and living out one’s amazing gifts in public (spiritual or otherwise)
  • The distractions of conflict or difficulties
  • Or we become buried in our own thoughts and ideas, rather than experiencing and living out our spiritual life

Each of us has our own unique roadblocks to living the full spiritual life. Spiritual direction can help us find ways to dismantle or leap over any of the roadblocks in our paths.

In addition, a spiritual director can introduce new or sometimes ancient ways of connecting to your spiritual life.

May your life be connected, meaningful, and thriving!

Lisa Tenney is available for spiritual direction appointments now. Learn more about Lisa here.