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One-on-one appointments. Dynamic seminars. A team of wellbeing professionals tending to you or your employees. Retreats that actually change lives. Wellevations has lots of offerings to activate your wellbeing.


We can assess any individual’s overall current wellbeing or wellbeing in a particular area:

  • Online: An online assessment that helps identify wellbeing strengths and needs.
  • Specialized: A detailed assessment that gauges current wellbeing in a particular area.
  • Reoccurring: Assessments taken periodically to track progress over time.

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retreats & workshops

Wellevations retreats and workshops provide individuals and organizations with 1 to 7 day intensive experiences to rejuvinate their wellbeing. Participants take an online assessment in advance, which helps to tailor their care. Once the retreat begins, participants will experience inspiring talks, transformative practices, and small group discussions that allow them to share and encourage one another. We also provide onsite private appointments for those participants interested in individualized care across all areas of wellbeing.

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personalized care

We offer personal care customized to meet your needs. After completing an initial assessment of your wellbeing, you are paired with a Wellevations coach and partnered with a team of specialists for a comprehensive wellbeing package.

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seminars & speaking

Wellevations seminars, half-day or one-day special events, offer practical instruction from Wellevations coaches and practitioners. These experiences typically include self-reflective exercises, small group interaction, and individual care. In addition, Wellevations team members are available for speaking engagements on wellbeing topics for groups of all sizes.

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corporate wellness

Wellevations provides corporate-wide wellness programs for your organization. This includes assessments, coaching, practitioner appointments, monthly newsletters, and access to Wellevations resources. Based on the needs of your organization, we can tailor retreats, workshops, onsite practitioner office hours, and additional services to your members/employees, and their families. We also partner with other businesses to complement existing healthcare plans across all areas of wellbeing.

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specialized programs

Wellevations has focused programs dedicated to serving specific groups of people. Here are two examples.

  • FurtherFaster exists for the wellbeing of business leaders, including leaders of both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Learn more about FurtherFaster here.
  • Flourish exists for the wellbeing of Christian leaders, including pastors, ministers, lay leaders within churches and leaders of other Christian organizations. Learn more about Flourish here.

If you don't see what you're looking for here, don't worry, we have a lot more going on. Just contact us to inquire about a service or program to impact your wellbeing.