Carlin Riefenberg

Wellevations Coach

Carlin Riefenberg RN, BSN​ holds certifications as a Lifestyle Coach (Health Concepts International/Dr. Ray Strand), Wellness Inventory Coach (HealthWorld Online/Dr. John Travis), and Nutrition Therapist (Health Sciences Academy). She is a candidate for certification in Transformational Coaching Method (Health Coach Institute) and the new national certification of Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC).

Passionate about health and well­being since her teens, her 30+ year nursing career in hospital, home care and educational settings also found her sharing pastoral ministry with her husband, homeschooling their two children, and constantly exploring different pathways to promote greater wholeness and well­being for herself and others. She especially loves coaching those who are stressed, overwhelmed, and dealing with health or energy issues to create their own doable healthy lifestyles, sparking vitality to live life with greater fullness and joy.

She is also a wanna­be urban homesteader raising chickens, dogs and anything that will grow in her El Paso climate.

Resources from Carlin

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