David Riefenberg

Wellevations Coach

David "Reef" Riefenberg's coaching style is relational, disarming and inquisitive. His focus is helping people gain greater insight and clarity on who they really are, what they really want, and how they will get there– whether accomplishing an important goal or dream, a career change, or being more fulfilled in their important relationships. Reef is highly intuitive and excels in helping others with interpersonal communication and relational skills. He works with people from various backgrounds and vocations, calling out the greatness each one uniquely carries.

Though he has received and continues to deepen his formal training as a life coach, Reef’s passion for coaching emerged out of 20+ years of serving as a pastor and community developer in a culturally diverse and economically challenged part of El Paso, TX. Those day-in/day-out experiences-- coming alongside to serve, love, counsel and empower people-- were an invaluable part of his training and desire to see people whole, well, and fulfilling their greatest purposes in life.

Musician, songwriter and ultra-runner, Reef loves mountain trails, his wife and greatest friend Carlie, and his two amazing kids.