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Glenn Taylor

Wellevations Coach

Glenn Taylor, a "professional inspirator," is devoted to cultivating the best in others. As a certified executive coach, consultant, author and speaker, he propels individuals and teams toward higher potential and bigger impact.

Glenn graduated with a Bachelors of Music in music business and jazz piano, and has a background of over 11 years in marketing/communications and management, most recently as CMO of the Houston Symphony. He founded his own coaching, training and consulting firm, and has led workshops and projects for corporate and nonprofit clients alike.

He is currently pursuing his Masters in Organization Development and Leadership, and serves as a leadership coach for Rice and Vanderbilt Universities.

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Question: Especially if you’re new to the concept of coaching, you may be wondering: What’s different about coaching vs mentoring? Most people are familiar with mentoring and may have even experienced it first-hand, either as a mentor or a mentee. But what about coaching? How is...


Time management seems to be a universal challenge. Most everyone struggles with it to some degree. Even if you consider yourself a pretty structured and organized person, there’s probably some aspect of time management you’d like to improve.



As much as we’d all like to communicate more clearly, it turns out we aren’t very good at saying “yes” and “no.” We agree to things we don’t fully support. We accept tasks and deadlines we know we can’t complete in time. We take on more than we can handle. On the flip side, we...