Lisa Tenney

Spiritual Director

Lisa is an artist and teacher, as well as a spiritual director. Lisa loves to view life through the lens of art, nature, and analogy. She brings these approaches of seeing life to her sessions with people who are working to connect more fully with their own spiritual journey.

Lisa completed her Spiritual Direction training with Sustainable Faith in 2014. She has collaborated with the Ruah Center at the Villa de Matel, giving spiritual direction and leading silent retreats for various groups. She spent 2015 as the "Artist in Residence" at St. George's Episcopal Church, creating an art installation of silk hangings aptly named, "A Beautiful Grief". Helping people process their memories of loved ones through vibrant color on silk was a healing project for many.

Lisa and her husband David have been married for over 30 years and have been blessed with the joy of raising two daughters and four sons. This year marks a special rite of passage as they teach the last Tenney teenager to drive.

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I often get surprised looks and quizzical brows when I mention that I am a Spiritual Director. It sounds a little odd to most and a little like I have some type of authoritative relationship with those I am “directing”. However, a spiritual director’s primary tasks in a session...