Penny Murray

Spiritual Director

Penny is a Spiritual Director who is passionate about listening for the whispers of God and gently pulling on the threads of grace woven throughout all of life. She uses her compassionate curiosity to help create a unique and sacred space for listening, questioning, reflecting, discerning, and responding to the invitations of the Spirit.

Having experienced the graceful companionship of Spiritual Direction in her own life, she is a Wellevations practitioner because she deeply desires to help make Spiritual Direction widely available to others who are seeking to encounter and cultivate a deeper awareness of the presence of God.

Penny has a bachelor's degree in Organizational and Human Communication Theory from Southeastern Louisiana University and has received 2 years of Spiritual Direction training through Sustainable Faith. She is active in her local faith community as a speaker, leader, and Spiritual Director. Penny is also a photographer, always looking for beauty, texture and detail in unexpected places through the lens of her camera.

Penny has been married to her husband Bryan for over 16 years and has 2 grade-school age children whom she currently homeschools. She spends a large amount of time chauffeuring her children to lessons and events, which she secretly loves because it allows time to indulge her obsession with podcasts and audio books.